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We are a full-service consulting entity creating new wireless service business units for our customers to sell and market to their current and potential customer base.

Strategic and Full-Service Consulting capabilities:

  • SensLynx has unique experience to help our customers build a business around IoT

    • We have a very strong understanding of building businesses with wireless carriers

    • Create wireless business divisions for organizations

    • Assist manufacturers in hardware  certification and integration with Verizon sales and technical teams

    • Create a business plan and supply execution strategy and implementation for complete IoT solutions

    • Introduce customer teams to potential wireless service partners

    • Provide global connectivity

    • Establish new wireless manufacturer relationships

    • Review potential strategic partnerships and acquisition targets

    • Internet of Things Solutions

      •  Assist customers in creating and marketing multiple bundled solutions

        • Provide hardware, connectivity and application manager

Why we can do it:

  • Executive experience around IoT.  We have:

    • Owned and run resellers before

    • Worked for wireless manufacturers

    • Worked closely with cellular carriers and MVNOs

    • Worked on behalf of wireless manufacturers

  • High level wireless, distribution, technical, application and marketing experience/expertise

  • Have created and managed VAR programs for reselling solutions

  • Ecosystem relationships in place

  • M2M/IoT Wireless device selection expertise

How do we accomplish this?

  • We have extensive executive experience around IoT

  • We have ecosystem relationships in place:

    • We work with wireless carriers, manufacturers, VARs, distributors and service providers

    • We have strategic relationships with companies such as Cisco, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T, and ORBCOMM

  • We have and can introduce manufacturers into carriers and indirect channels through our established network/relationships

  • We know how to build marketing plans

  • Our skill set includes high level wireless, distribution, technical, application and marketing experience/expertise

  • We can create and manage VAR programs for reselling solutions

  • We have M2M/IoT Wireless device selection expertise

Our past satisfied clients include:

  • Cisco

  • Peplink


  • CradlePoint

  • Wyless

  • Tech Data

  • Micronet

Give us a call and let us help you expand your business today!

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