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About SensLynx

We are an all-inclusive IoT solutions source to resellers and end users alike. 

We have experience helping companies expand in to the IoT space and have worked with several prestigious communications companies including T-Mobile, ORBCOMM, Cisco, Wyless, Peplink, myDevices, CradlePoint and the list goes on. 

SensLynx is owned and operated by two gentlemen who are very familiar to the wireless mobility world; Rob Garry & Tom Maguire. Our combined experience includes  numerous successful startups, executive level experience in Sales & Marketing globally, and have been a part of the IoT boom since 2008. 

We have scoured the earth looking for talent and experience to accelerate our position in the IoT space, and have found highly talented and energized folk. 

Our belief system as a company revolves around serving others, do no harm, and always tell the truth. 

Let us help you. Give us a call, drop us an email, send us a text. We can help.


We work with great business partners such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Google, Amazon, Peplink, and Cradlepoint to name a few. Technologies built from the ground up with input from resellers and end users alike, superb customer-centric support: these are what's necessary to be a leader in the hi-tech world of IoT. We here at SensLynx are in constant motion to ensure we never fall short on these commitments. Have a chat with us and we'll tell you how.

Team Meeting


We are a young and agile company who embraces what technology can do for businesses, and we love to usher them into the IoT space with simplicity and affordability…but we are more than that. We are a team of people who care deeply about the success of our resellers, our dealers and our agents. We work hard with our partners to bring the right solutions to the market. We understand the complexity SMBs and enterprises face in understanding how the Internet of Things can help their business, and we do our best to simplify that.


And we work off a core philosophy that my business partner and I learned long ago from the early days in our careers; if you take care of your employees and your partners, they will take care of your customers, who will take care of your growth and revenue as a company. Now more than ever, we feel the need to honor this thought process and incorporate it into our work every day. And we are grateful and appreciative to those who support us in our endeavor and to them, we say thank you...


T-Mobile Wireless IOT Solutions
Fleet Tracking Google Mapping
Cisco Wireless Routers
Peplink Failover Speedbonding
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