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Everything You Need to Run a Safe & Productive Education Campus

SensLynx implements numerous cutting edge technologies to provide education systems with monitoring solutions to ensure their students are safe, and their campus is optimized to foster a productive learning environment. 

Our Education System Approach

Your students are always the top priority! We are here to ensure you are able to foster a safe and productive learning environment by utilizing the latest IoT Solutions. 

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Panic Buttons

In situations of distress and danger, it is crucial to have the resources at your fingertips to provide safety to those in harm’s way. When pressed, panic buttons immediately send signals to the systems control experts.

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We know you invest thousands of dollars on state of the art electronics for your students, but sometimes, they aren't treated with enough care. Limit inventory loss, theft and additional expenses with equipment monitoring.

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POTS Replacement

The copper lines that provide life-saving emergency communications to your business Fire Alarms, Elevators, and Security Systems are being discontinued. It's time to upgrade!

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Rodent Control

Keep your campus sanitary! Catch and remove pests before they take a seat in your classrooms! 

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