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Everything You Need to Run a Successful Transportation

Asset tracking in supply chains can help tackle complex and expensive challenges that were practically impossible to do manually. It helps eliminate inefficient practices and optimize resources and delivers all kinds of new, positive outcomes.

Our Fleet/Asset Tracking Approach

The right tracking solution should do more than just track your assets and vehicles. The information gathered gives you all the tools and business intelligence you need to make quicker, more knowledgeable and profitable decisions.

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Increase Productivity

 Optimize Routes - Real-time dispatch -  - Automated reporting for payroll and billing - API providing integration with existing software

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Lower Operating Costs

 Schedule preventative maintenance -  Reduce fuel consumption - Improve budgeting accuracy - Audit timecards - Reduce Idle Time

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Increased Safety

 Identify and eliminate unwanted driver behavior - Prevent theft - Eliminate unauthorized use - Maintenance intelligence keeps vehicles operating in safe condition

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Increased Customer Satisfaction

 Shorten arrival window times (utilize location intelligence to inform customers of accurate arrival times) -  Smarter dispatch routes - Exact driver location

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