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Everything You Need to Provide Optimal Patient Care

Your Organization's physicians, nurses and staff all commit tirelessly to improving the quality and safety of their patients’ lives, both during their hospital stays and beyond. This level of care requires dependable IoT solutions to maintain the virtue of pharmaceuticals that keep patients healthy and happy.

Our Healthcare Operation Approach

Your patients and staff are always the top priority! We are here to ensure you are able to foster a safe and productive healing environment by utilizing the latest IoT Solutions. 

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Panic Buttons

In situations of distress and danger, it is crucial to have the resources at your fingertips to provide safety to those in harm’s way. When pressed, panic buttons immediately send signals to the systems control experts.

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High quality care requires dependable refrigeration units to maintain the virtue of pharmaceuticals that keep patients healthy and happy. Limit inventory loss and additional expenses with temperature monitoring.

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POTS Replacement

The copper lines that provide life-saving emergency communications to your business Fire Alarms, Elevators, and Security Systems are being discontinued. It's time to upgrade!


Instant Alerts

Our instant SMS text message and e-mail alerts will notify staff if a hitch occurs with any of the refrigeration units, therefore helping to prevent a loss of inventory. Your staff can also utilize the Corrective Action feature through our mobile application.

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