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Everything You Need to Run a Successful Hospitality Business

The business climate in your industry is ever-changing. With SensLynx Services and Technologies, you can rest assured that your business is operating at its highest capacity. 

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Protect Your Team

The SensLynx Hotel Panic Button Alarm System is designed to keep staff and guests safe from danger while also providing an easy access point to contact security in case of emergency.

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Refrigeration Monitoring

SensLynx Monitoring Systems allow you to maintain the proper temperature controls necessary to run an optimal process and deliver your product at the highest quality.

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Rodent Control

Catch and remove pests before they make your place of business their home. 

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Effortlessly monitor assets and improve compliance visibility with our automated remote monitoring solution. 

Site Monitoring

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Panic Button Systems

SensLynx Panic Button solution for hospitality and other industries that have "solo employees" or "lone workers" is completely wireless and 100% reliable through LoRaWAN technology...and it's simple to add other sensors/monitoring needs within the same system!

Refrigeration Monitoring

SensLynx automates temperature monitoring for the food service industry, delivering substantial time and money savings. Protect your valuable inventory, brand reputation, and avoid regulatory fines with wireless temperature sensors and our industry-leading remote monitoring app, real-time reporting, and instant SMS text message alerts.

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Environmental Monitoring

Without a robust monitoring system in place, organizations stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars in costs associated with manual monitoring, including: labor wages, regulatory fines, unexpected equipment failures, wasted inventory, and more.As one of the world’s leader in turnkey remote monitoring solutions, we’re committed to delivering superior automated protection that supports commercial refrigeration systems and facilities around the clock while delivering substantial cost savings

Rodent Control

With SensLynx Rodent Control Solutions, your teams will be alerted immediately after a rodent is caught inside one of your facilities. This allows you to maintain a clean workspace and limit damages or loss in a completely humane fashion. 

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Case Studies

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