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Analog Phone Lines are experiencing less in service with support waning

Make Sure Your Business Stays Connected

Whether it is a commercial building, a hospital, a hotel, an apartment complex or any other location, they all have phone lines that will not be required to be maintained or serviced in 2022 due to deregulation of these service lines. SensLynx offers a cost-saving wireless technology that can reduce your monthly bills from $25.00 - $55.00/line/month!

Does Your Business Have Any of the Following?


Each of these require a dedicated line. These old copper phone lines have become costly and servicing them has been deregulated by the FCC come August, 2022. SensLynx offers a cost-saving wireless technology that can keep you connected while reducing your monthly bills 

What is a "POTS" line?

"POTS" stands for Plain Old Telephone Service, the traditional phone line that relies on physical copper wire for service. As the technology continues to age, the FCC has announced that service providers no longer need to maintain or service these POTS lines and "all should be pursuing the adoption of next-generation wireless technology."

Why change now?

  • Before current service on these lines are no longer serviced efficiently

  • Cost savings

  • Bill consolidation

  • Single Point of Contact

How We Do it

An LTE wireless connection is going to save your business money. Additionally, all communication data is sent over an IP network instead of telephone lines, which means you could simply use your existing business internet to also power your existing technologies at little to no extra cost.

Why Us?

We are a customer-oriented, highly responsive company that cares about the experience and service our customers 

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Things are Changing

Don't let old technology fail you when it really matters!

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