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Everything You Need to Run a Successful Construction Business

SensLynx implements numerous cutting edge technologies to provide construction companies with project monitoring and tracking for collecting data on-site or remotely during construction activities.

Our Construction Site Monitoring Approach

The IoT advancements allow us to use internet-connected sensors in a wide variety of scenarios, such as checking if machines are being used, alert you to the need for repairs or geolocating equipment. The list goes on! 

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Asset Tracking

The SensLynx tracking service enables project managers to locate construction equipment necessary to complete specific jobs with real-time tracking.

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Equipment Failure

Limit inventory loss and additional expenses with equipment monitoring. With SensLynx monitoring systems, you'll be alerted as soon a piece of equipment fails or is need of maintenance.

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Health & Safety

Monitor for dangerous activity and install emergency notification systems on project sites that alert teams immediately. 

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Remote Site Monitoring

Human site inspectors must physically walk around the site and cannot see all activity at once. You no longer need to travel to perform site inspections and assess project progress.

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