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POTS Replacement Partner Program 

With over 20 million of these lines that eventually need to be replaced, telecom businesses such as yours may have many business customers that are still using old POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) analog copper lines.

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Why Offer POTS Replacement Services?

Current service providers have the option of not being required to support these lines due to deregulation of these services by the FCC.


This has caused a massive movement for businesses to switch out these lines utilizing LTE cellular routers and adapters for wireless connectivity. 

Companies like yours can utilize our backbone and provide your own components (routers, backup battery, etc.) or get all of the components from us for this solution. 

How It Works

SensLynx Takes Necessary Steps to Ensure Partner Success

  1. You are free to choose whether we provide some or all of the other components of the solution. These include:

    • SoftSwitch, Router, data plan, backup battery, RJ31x cabling, enclosure, billing and shipping on your behalf.

  2. You only have to purchase the application and ATA (Analog Translation Adaptor) if that is all you need.

  3. Allows you to use your own SoftSwitch/PBX if preferred.

  4. We offer white labeling so you own the solution and the customer.

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As A Reseller, You Will:

  • Sell to current customer base/similar customer profiles

  • Expand your market

  • Create significant recurring revenue

  • Offer hardware revenue opportunity

  • Create compatibility with your existing business

  • Minimize initial investment

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Get Started Today!


With plenty of inventory in stock, our program is ready for large businesses that have customers - just like yours!


Our POTS Replacement solution is modular, priced well, high performing and can be white labeled. For more information, complete the form below so that we can connect.

Thanks! Message sent.

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