What is the ELD Mandate all about?

Simply put, the ELD Mandate is a Federal regulation that requires drivers and fleets operating in the U.S. to use an electronic logging device (ELD) for recording a driver’s log.

Most of the regulation provides details for how the devices will function and how they will be used by drivers, fleets, and law enforcement.

SensLynx Hours of Service (HOS)/ELD Solution

SensLynx provides a device that works with our Fleet Tracking solution and  ensures FMCSA compliance and delivers superior safety and productivity for fleets.

Know On-Duty Hours Left

•  See available time for each driver to make important logistics decisions.

Ensure Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) are Completed

•  Keep up-to-date on preventative maintenance to decrease vehicle downtime and extend vehicle life cycles.

Improve Driver & Public Safety

•  Monitor driver behavior, hours on duty, and reduce driver distractions from dispatch.

Eliminate Common Violations

•  Drivers will all have accurate e-logs, take all required breaks, and will keep maintenance up-to-date.

Eliminate Paper Forms

•  Eliminate the cost of paper forms and the errors associated with paper logs.

Improve Payroll & Billing Accuracy

•  Know every time drivers login and logout of the vehicle with time-stamped data for precise payroll and billing.

How It Works
The Equipment
Hours of Service Hardware Packages
  • For an all-inclusive hardware package, it includes:

  • ELD BlueTooth Device*  ----------------------------- [Contact us for pricing]

          *(Includes a 6, 9 or 16-pin cable)


  • Samsung E-Tablet for ELD*----------------------------- [Contact us for pricing]     

            *(With 2 year contract)

  • Samsung Tablet E-Protective Case and Vehicle Mount*

    • Case: Durable polymer case protects the tablet Includes an elastic hand strap.

    • Quick Release: Spring mounted bracket makes the tablet easy to remove. The push button key lock provided

    • Mounting Position: Vertically or horizontally

    • Magnetic Connections: “Quick Connect” electrical magnetic connections help eliminate damage to the micro USB charging port

  • Available Upgrade: Audio kit for Push-To-Talk capabilities

*(If your customer wants GPS then you would provide one of our GPS devices and monthly service at your hardware price and monthly rate.)


Monthly Data Cost for ELD Solution


  • Total Monthly per Month Data and ELD -----------------[Contact us for pricing]       

  • Comes with 200 MB Data Plan

    • Pooled data

  • ELD application

  • *If the customer wants GPS tracking service then dealer/reseller would add their standard fleet tracking cost


  • SensLynx offers a complete ELD Solution that includes all the hardware and monthly data service

  • Includes Pooled data and ELD Data Service

  • Includes AT&T Samsung E-Tablet and ELD hardware

* You can add GPS tracking hardware and service for an additional monthly fee

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