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Senslynx, LLC, a pioneering player in the Fleet & Asset Management space, offers a unique and powerful bundled solution to resellers and dealers alike, providing them with a new recurring revenue stream to assist in growing their business.

We accomplish this through providing all three (3) components needed for managing business’s fleets and assets including:

  • Hardware with 3-year warranty included

  • Web-based software/application and data capture

  • GPS satellite along with wireless network connectivity

THE TECHNOLOGY:  Our Tracking system is one of the most advanced out there, leveraging best-in-class mapping and connectivity through Google Mapping and cellular network connectivity.  Our application is web-based, and the data is collected with cloud-based servers through Amazon Web Services with tremendous capacity and redundancy built right into the system.   What makes us truly unique is the every 60-second plus turns data capture that comes with our affordable standard offering.

  • 4G units available, along with vehicle diagnostics Plug ‘N’ Play and 3-Wire units.

  • Accelerometer and Back-up Battery built in

  • All-in-one pricing also available

    • Includes hardware, data connectivity and software application

THE SUPPORT:  SensLynx is strictly reseller-focused, meaning we have no direct sales based out of our company, so we do not compete with our reseller partners!  We offer a variety of business models for the reseller community to bundle the solution for their customer base, and provide financing as well to mitigate cash flow and sales revenue.  Our Marketing and training support, free telemarketing service, and web-based reseller portal is second to none in both content and ease of use.

Our goal is simple; we diligently put all our efforts towards setting up our resellers to experience early and repetitive success so they enjoy the benefits of being in the Fleet and Asset Management space.  Our success relies all with their success!

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