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InControl 2 is Peplink's cloud based device management, monitoring, and reporting tool designed specifically for Peplink and Pepwave devices.

Any of our devices can now be registered for InControl 2. With InControl 2, you get advanced administration tools, unprecedented device visibility, and comprehensive reporting.

InControl 2 is clever, versatile and incredibly useful. It enables quick and easy device administration of thousands of devices with a couple of clicks and also provides remote web administration of devices in normally hard-to-reach places that would be prohibitively complicated to access using alternative methods. 

Click on the below image for InControl 2 video!

The Remote Web Admin tool in Peplink’s InControl 2 is without a doubt one of the most useful tools you will ever use as a network administrator. It gives you single click access to the admin web interfaces of your remote Peplink devices wherever they may be.

Click on the below image for a live InControl 2 Demo!

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