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  • Rob Garry

Telecom Businesses and POTS Line Replacement…Where Do They Fit?

POTS lines are really going away. For those not familiar, POTS stands for Plain Old Telephone Service. These reference the old copper lines that no longer have to be supported after August 2nd, 2022 by the carriers and service providers. It is estimated that there are well over 20 million lines that will have to be replaced. They are still used for applications like fax machines, elevator phones, fire & burglar alarms, door access and much more.

Companies still using POTS lines need an easy cost-effective single source offering to improve reliability and save on the prior and escalating monthly fees.

Recently, a $1.65 billion large telecommunications provider of communication products and services announced the acquisition of a leading POTS replacement device manufacturer. This enables them to go after their own POTS line customers while profiting from their competitors by offering a solid solution. It has been estimated that this telecommunications provider has well over a million POTS lines of their own customers to replace.

Many significant telecommunication companies do not have a solid solution to offer their customers. That is why this provider went out and acquired a POTS line manufacturer; it gives them the ability to provide their own to offer.

So, where does that leave all the other telecom companies in the same industry? How will they replace their customers’ lines? There are not too many companies with good service to be acquired or with unlimited potential. Here is what a solution should offer to a telecommunications company:

  1. White Label so the solution is theirs

  2. Have an all-inclusive program designed to enable Telecom-related businesses to offer a complete POTS Replacement solution when the telecom provider wants it

  3. Be modular -

    1. Allow companies to offer their own choices for routers, data plans and wireless carriers, soft switch/PBX, backup battery, etc. if they wish or have their solution provider offer whatever they do not wish to supply.

  4. Offer Bill on Behalf Of -

    1. Partners that do not have their own telecom billing platform should not have to immediately invest in one. The vendor should offer one for a small fee.

In summary, a POTS Replacement solution should be modular in structure, priced well, high performing and have the option to be white labeled.

About Robert Garry: For more than 30 years, Rob has been running his own businesses and working with and for the largest communications companies in the world, and is currently co-founder and CEO of SensLynx, an IoT solutions provider for POTS Line Replacement, Panic Button Systems, Variety of Monitoring systems, Fleet Tracking, Wireless Internet backup, and other IoT-based applications.

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