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24/7 Automated Refrigeration Monitoring


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SensLynx IoT in a Box automates temperature monitoring for the food service industry, delivering substantial time and money savings. Protect your valuable inventory, brand reputation, and avoid regulatory fines with wireless temperature sensors and our industry-leading remote monitoring app, real-time reporting, and instant SMS text message alerts.

A sleek form factor, IP54 rated, battery powered LoRaWAN-based Temperature and Humidity Sensor that can be used to measure ambient temperature and relative humidity around physical locations. Leveraging the LoRa connectivity protocol, these sensors can support up to 300 feet of range from sensor to gateway, from isolated locations such as a walk-in freezer or up to 1.5 miles in open space.

An external temperature probe can be ordered to integrate with the sensor through an audio jack. This allows for additional application use cases, such as monitoring the temperature of liquids while keeping the sensor away from temperature conditions outside of the typical operating range.

Netvox's Indoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor is a battery-operated LoRaWAN sensor that measures indoor air temperature, humidity and battery voltage. It then assembles and transmits the collected data for efficient around-the-clock Refrigeration/HVAC monitoring.

This Internet of Things (IoT) Femto Access Point/Gateway is specifically designed for wide area smart grid applications. Because of its long range and many device capabilities, it is a much more cost effective way to deploy this for sensor networks. This gateway is very suitable for small business or private area use cases. It is also suitable for providing coverage for indoor blind spots.

The MultiTech Conduit AP Indoor Ethernet Gateway harnesses the power of the LoRaWAN protocol to provide deep in-building penetration and connectivity to thousands of IoT assets. Easy to deploy thanks to integrated antennas, it can be mounted on walls or ceilings to extend LoRa connectivity in commercial buildings like hotels, convention centers, offices and retail facilities providing coverage in difficult to reach areas cell tower or rooftop deployments may not penetrate.

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Quick & Easy Setup

Wireless sensors are installed in minutes. Automated temperature and humidity readings are captured instantly.

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Security & Privacy

Highest standards of data protection, ensuring end-to-end embedded
AES encryption.

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Compliance Visibility

Ensure FDA, FSIS, CDC, and local regulatory compliance with accurate data recording and printable reports.

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Enterprise Ready

Industrial grade sensors with low power and long-range capabilities for monitoring facilities of any size.

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Actionable Alerts

Receive timely alerts via SMS text messages and emails. Set sensor reading thresholds and configure alert settings.

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Corrective Action

Quickly document the necessary course of action required to address alerts associated with incidents and workflows.

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No upfront costs | Lifetime service and support

Let Senslynx provide a no-cost analysis of your refrigeration needs and show you how you can save time and money while avoiding potential catastrophic failures.

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