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Success Stories: The College of William and Mary

As the second oldest institution of higher education in the nation, The College of William and Mary can claim the honor of having enlightened America for over three centuries. Students and professors are constantly, rigorously engaged in the artistic, historical, and social events that both the college and the town of Williamsburg provide…and have no time to worry about matters of refrigeration. This higher education institution has entrusted us with ensuring proper safety for their faculty, staff, and student population.

The Challenge

Multiple refrigeration units in dining halls, dorms, meeting spaces, and storage facilities across the campus of William and Mary require constant monitoring. Before we stepped in with the solution, logging temperatures throughout the entire campus had proven to be tedious, inefficient, and costly. Consequently, the university encountered refrigeration outages that resulted in a massive loss of inventory. Foodborne illnesses also became a concern, as college staff were not able to detect inconsistent refrigeration temperatures in time to preserve the absolute freshness of the food supply. Any form of manual temperature monitoring at any location has proven to be inaccurate and extremely difficult to maintain 24/7, but the process was especially challenging at a college of this size.

The solution

Routine monitoring of temperatures in the refrigeration units is vital to the safety of the foods served on the campus of The College of William and Mary. The university now trusts our SensLynx solution to monitor their refrigeration temperatures wherever food is stored. We provide a system that cannot be beat by competitors that use WiFi-based mechanisms, because we can provide a larger coverage range with our cellular gateway devices. We installed our sensors with no trouble, and they were fully operational within minutes, allowing the university to start monitoring their temperatures throughout the campus without having to halt operations. Sensor data is transmitted in real-time. Therefore, staff at The College of William and Mary are able to track temperatures through our user-friendly mobile and web interface. We also provide SMS text message and e-mail notifications to the university to signal issues with temperature fluctuation. Moreover, our system generates compliance reports for regulating agencies. The College of William and Mary can rest assured that our solution offers the highest standards of HIPAA-compliant data protection, ensuring end-to-end, embedded AES 128-bit encryption. Both the university’s information and the health of faculty, staff, and students are in good hands.

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