Our IoT Solutions

SensLynx IoT in a Box automates temperature monitoring for the food service industry, delivering substantial time and money savings.

  • Protect your valuable inventory and brand reputation 

  • Avoid regulatory fines with wireless temperature sensors and our industry-leading remote monitoring app

  • Real-time reporting, and instant SMS text message alerts.

It’s no secret that manual monitoring puts organizations at greater risk than automated monitoring - so much so that most regulatory agencies encourage organizations to install automated monitoring systems.

  •  24/7 automated asset management

  •  On-demand and scheduled reports

  •  Detailed sensor maps

  •  Instant, actionable alerts

How SimplyFailover Works:

  • Provides your business with a simple to use 4G/LTE Failover solution, so that when your primary internet goes down, you can remain connected with a 4G/LTE Backup.

  • No more lost productivity or lost sales due to internet service problems

  • Simple and affordable business continuity.

  • A SimplyFailover router comes preconfigured and ready to plug in between your existing Cable/DSL/T1/Fiber Modem and your existing router.

  • No need to replace the equipment you are already using

  • SimplyFailover is a single bundled solution for a low monthly fee.

    • Includes everything you need, including a configured 4G Router, data plan, managed services and low monthly cost.

Wireless Backup & Out-of-Band Management

Senslynx combines best-in-class hardware with services from the best available networks to provide the fully managed solutions for each IoT application at each customer location.

  • Best in class routers

    • SensLynx deploys industry-leading wireless hardware such as Peplink, Cisco and CradlePoint

  • Best available service for each location

    • We offer services from multiple carriers for a single source

  • Industry-leading networking monitoring and management tools

    • SensLynx offers network management tools that enable our customers to monitor and manage their devices.​​

  • No/Low CapEx required on bundled solutions

    • SensLynx makes it easy and cost-effective to deploy IoT/M2M Solutions.​

With IoT services from SensLynx, you can:
  • Achieve superior connectivity for your ATMs and kiosks, while providing fast response time for improved customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Deploy portable ATMs, kiosks and quickly, giving you a secure, managed connection to back-end systems. 
  • Install at a lower cost. No wires needed for Internet connectivity to ATMs and kiosks.
ATM & Kiosks
Wireless backup solutions from SensLynx keeps your retail or hospitality business communicating even when your primary data connection is lost.
  •  For every minute that your POS systems are down, thousands of dollars in revenues are lost.
  • Our SimplyFailover solution can make sure the business stays online even if the primary data connection goes down. 
  • Avoiding network downtime can help you retain clients, maintain revenue and protect your brand reputation.
Digital Signage

Give your customers timely, targeted messages on high-impact touchscreen displays to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Manage consistent communication across multiple locations

  • Keep fresh, relevant messaging in front of customers at all times

  • Now you can upload and broadcast engaging content, such as images, graphics and HD video, that helps you attract and inform customers.



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