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  • Rob Garry - CEO at SensLynx, LLC

How to Keep Your Business Up and Running

Business Continuity is critical to most businesses. Wired solutions will always result in some interruptions and downtime.
There is never a good time for an unplanned outage. Outages will come for different reasons and for different amounts of time. All businesses need a solid backup plan. The best ones will leave you with little or no recovery time needed. The best internet backup solutions will keep your business up and running even in the worst of circumstances.

Downtime often leads to lost sales and revenue. It can compromise sensitive information, decreased productivity, and other related costs and expenses. Loss of connectivity is a serious threat to most businesses. So what’s the solution? Backup wireless is a great solution to this critical problem.

How does Wireless Internet Backup Work?

Here's a rundown:

- First you pick the best hardware, application solution, and wireless data plan.

- You will plug your wireless router (preconfigured to handle the failover) into the primary router (the one that has your wireline connection).

- If the wireline connection goes down, then the wireless connection comes up on an as-needed basis for as long as the outage lasts.

It is easy to put this backup in place. Once the customer realizes how simple and cost-effective it can be then it is an easy sale. It does not take much to understand how it can benefit their business.

Why Backup Wireless Internet Connectivity?

1. Protects the business from expensive outages and downtime.

Outages can affect your business negatively in a variety of ways. First, most businesses today conduct a large portion of their business online. So, lost revenue is a big negative and an easy place to start. But there is even more at risk without a backup connectivity plan.

- Lost Revenue - How much revenue do you collect per hour online through transactions? Every hour of downtime corresponds to lost sales. We know customers don't come back. If your site is down when they have time to Google potential partnerships with your firm, you've already lost.

- Lowered Productivity - Watching your employees sit around doing nothing because of no connectivity is frustrating. If they need the Internet to do their work, having an outage effectively shuts down your business.Providing immediate failover networking options when the primary connection is disrupted is ideal for businesses such as financial institutions, retail stores and healthcare clinics.

- Damage to Reputation - Everyone knows. Potential leads, long-term customers, and even your competition are documenting the downtime. Wireless backup protects your business reputation, brand and customer loyalty.

2. Stay connected via phone and Internet throughout outages

Outages can take down an ecommerce store. In addition, the tools you use to communicate to partners, employees, and customers can be rendered inoperable during lengthy outages. Even during a lengthy outage, a wireless backup allows you to keep in contact with critical partners, customers, and remote staff.

3. Remain open for business

Remain open for business. Creating a wireless backup reduces loss. This benefit helps you increase revenue. Attract traffic, increase leads, and watch revenue increase month after month as your business moves beyond the problems associated with outages that are bound to happen.

4. Set up a remote site quickly or keep remote sites open during outages

Fire, flood, or even civil disorders are real threats to the operations of any business. While your physical location may be underwater, your business can remain afloat. Wireless connectivity allows you to quickly move, set up remote sites, or pursue sales on the road—literally. Take advantage of opportunities to open a pop-up shop or represent your firm at a local event, with wireless connectivity providing the necessary support.

5. Peace of mind for you, employees, and customers

Downtime can be scary. You may not initially know the length of the outage but not knowing when it will occur can feel worse. An unexpected outage during an important sales call or critical meeting can be embarrassing and costly. Mitigate the stress of leadership and staff with a backup plan that can be relied upon.

Make sure you are ready….

Make sure your business is prepared to operate in the event of an outage. Most businesses have many challenges already. Downtime is one that you can avoid. Why not remove the risk?

To learn more, please email me at or you can visit our website at

About Rob Garry - For more than 30 years, Rob has been running his own businesses and working with and for the largest communications companies in the world, and is currently co-founder and CEO of SensLynx, an IoT solutions provider for Fleet Tracking, Wireless Internet backup, Out-of-Band Management, and other IoT-based applications.

About SensLynx - SensLynx is an all-in-one solution within the IoT & Fleet Tracking space that supplies the hardware, data service, applications and support to Value-added Resellers for their customers.

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