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  • Rob Garry - CEO at SensLynx, LLC


As a fleet-based business owner, operator or manager you are faced with the challenge of monitoring and tracking not only vehicles, but drivers as well. You can’t be with all your drivers on all their trips, so you rely on limited information to make very important decisions. The daily decisions you make have a direct impact on the business’s bottom line. Using a GPS Tracking System can help you avoid the biggest mistakes, listed below, made in fleet management.

1. Not Optimizing Routes

If you aren’t tracking your driver’s routes, then you can’t see where they can be improved. With a GPSTracking solution you can follow your drivers and optimize the best route and even send them up to date instructions while they’re on the move! Optimizing routes will save you money in fuel and with the time saved you have the opportunity to increase your customer base.

2. Not Creating a Preventative Maintenance Schedule

If you know when your vehicles are due next for routine maintenance you can avoid surprise costs. Keeping your vehicles in top operating condition means you’re less likely to have a day where a vehicle isn’t available. The automated alerts and reports make it easy for you to schedule and keep track of what each of your vehicles need.

3. Not Monitoring Unauthorized Use

Are your vehicles someplace they shouldn’t be? Are your vehicles being driven after the regularly scheduled hours? In either of these situations you are losing money. You can prevent unauthorized use, employee fraud and even theft with a GPS Tracking system.

4. Not Improving Driver Behavior and Safety

GPS Tracking devices can help you uncover unsafe driving behavior such as speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and taking corners too fast. This driving behavior not only causes unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle costing you money, but it can also cause vehicle crashes and injuries. Get ahead of unsafe driving and help your drivers improve and increase their safety.

5. Not Protecting Your Company’s Reputation

The last thing any company wants is one of their vehicles getting into an accident that could potentially be the fault of their driver. It doesn’t help one’s reputation in the community, much less with the person they may have had the accident with! Enter a GPS Tracking-based driver safety program. An effective driver safety program protects your company, your employees and your finances. By creating a driver safety program you can monitor driver behavior, speeding, and potential accidents. By monitoring speeds of your drivers, you are ensuring your drivers and service trucks (which are moving billboards) are safe and courteous drivers in their communities and do not hurt your company’s reputation.

A side benefit is after implementing the program, most companies see a dramatic decrease in car accidents only one year later! The minimization of crashes and the associated costs can go right back into your operating budget.

In summary, the more you track the more you know and the more you can make improvements. With a GPS Tracking system you can save time and money and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Contact us and learn more about how you can stop making mistakes and start making better decisions today!

About Rob Garry - For more than 30 years, Rob has been running his own businesses and working with and for the largest communications companies in the world, and is currently co-founder and CEO of SensLynx, an IoT solutions provider for Fleet Tracking, Wireless Internet backup, Out-of-Band Management, and other IoT-based applications.

About SensLynx - SensLynx is an all-in-one solution within the Fleet & Asset Management and IoT & space that supplies the hardware, data service, applications and support to Value-added Resellers for their customers.

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