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  • Rob Garry - CEO at SensLynx, LLC

Driver Satisfaction

Employees are a company’s best asset – take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers. In this fast-paced world, companies are looking for tools that will make them more productive, and more profitable while reducing costs. Companies with fleets are using GPS fleet solutions to achieve these goals and provide a world class experience to their customers.

The SensLynx fleet tracking application provides the tools companies need to build a safer, more compliant, and more productive fleet while rewarding and recognizing drivers are exceeding company goals.

How do we do this?

The SensLynx solution gives you the tools to measure driving behavior, efficiency, and productivity. SensLynx provides reports and alerts that monitor speeding, hard acceleration, hard braking, and hard turning. When a driver can curb their driving behavior, the company will see an immediate reduction in fuel cost, wear & tear on the vehicle, and potentially insurance costs while also extending the life of the vehicle. SensLynx also provides tools that will allow a company to determine when a driver left the company yard and arrived at a customer location or a job site. Utilizing these tools will help with accurate time reporting and provide a world class experience for your customers.

Through the tools provided by SensLynx, companies can implement monthly or quarterly bonus programs that will recognize and reward employees who are doing the right things and demonstrate positive driving behavior. Companies can also take the necessary steps for those employees who are not.

You will be able to build a culture of motivated drivers/employees who will do what is best for the company and the company vehicles; drive in a safe manner, care for a company vehicle, provide on time arrivals and departures to and from job site or customer locations, and be more productive and efficient on a daily basis.

All these factors will ultimately save your company money through fuel cost reduction, maintenance costs, wear and tear on the vehicle, insurance costs, reduction in accidents, and increased productivity.

For more information, please call 760-576-6202 or visit our website at

About SensLynx - SensLynx is an all-in-one solution within the IoT & Fleet Tracking space that supplies the hardware, data service, applications and support to Value-added Resellers for their customers.

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