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Success Stories: Desert Springs Hospital

Desert Springs Hospital serves a community of over two million people in Southern Nevada. Nationally recognized for their cardiac, diabetes, and weight loss expertise, the physicians of Desert Springs commit tirelessly to improving the quality and safety of their patients’ lives, both during their hospital stays and beyond. This level of care requires dependable refrigeration units to maintain the virtue of pharmaceuticals that keep patients healthy and happy. Desert Springs has entrusted SensLynx with developing and implementing a solution that will efficiently monitor temperature-sensitive inventory.

The Challenge

Desert Springs Hospital is a large acute-care facility with 239 beds. Because hospital staff members were charged with the daunting task of manually monitoring refrigeration units and logging temperatures, they often felt unable to prioritize their patients and to perform their daily duties. This situation was driving up overhead costs, placing strain on physicians and maintenance workers and producing inaccurate data. Manual temperature monitoring has proven to be unreliable due to human error and requires a great deal of dedication to managing temperatures day and night. Operational efficiency suffers, thus increasing the risk for non-compliance.

The Solution

To safeguard its mission of providing optimal patient care, Desert Springs Hospital decided to utilize our SensLynx solution that allows for constant temperature monitoring, facility-wide. Our cellular access gateways offer a range of coverage that WiFi-dependent options simply cannot match. We installed our solutions into the hospital’s refrigeration units within minutes, and the facility was up and running immediately. The scalability of our solutions leaves open the possibility for adding sensors as the hospital system, and its campus, grows. All it takes for Desert Springs staff to monitor and regulate temperatures across the hospital is a visit to our user-friendly mobile and web applications; maintenance and medical teams can easily check this information on their way to fulfilling more pressing obligations. Our instant SMS text message and e-mail alerts will notify staff if a hitch occurs with any of the refrigeration units, therefore helping to prevent a loss of inventory. Desert Springs Hospital staff can also utilize the Corrective Action feature through our mobile application. SensLynx is the world’s leader in turnkey, fully-automated refrigeration monitoring solutions for healthcare facilities. With this comprehensive solution, we are able to provide complete compliance visibility to Desert Springs Hospital, as well as the highest standards of HIPAA-compliant data protection: end-to-end, embedded AES 128-bit encryption.

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