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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Family owned and Chicago based supermarket, Carnicerias Jimenez is one of the oldest supermarket operations in Chicago. With eight stores currently in operation, Carnicerias Jimenez is growing at a steady pace and looking to streamline their operations. They are committed to bringing the best products and services to their customers.

For Carnicerias Jimenez, protecting their inventory from power outages is a difficult task due to the time and cost constraints.

The Challenge

At Carnicerias Jimenez, they serve numerous customers in the Chicago area and carry a wide range of products that can include produce, perishables, and much more. The issue at hand for this growing supermarket is the requirement to monitor their refrigeration units for temperature continually. They have had multiple after-hour outages in the past that has to lead to a loss in inventory and revenue. They concluded that an automated system was needed to monitor temperatures accurately. For Carnicerias Jimenez, protecting their inventory from power outages is a difficult task due to the time and cost constraints. An outage can mean a loss of thousands of dollars in product loss and revenue.

The Solution

SensLynx automated temperature monitoring solution was deployed at Carnicerias Jimenez to prevent and address their after-hour outages. Our solutions can be easily modified and scaled, meaning they can expand their operations with ease and add additional sensors within minutes if needed. The wireless cellular hub we provide is unmatched by WiFi-powered devices. The gateway ensures coverage of a larger area range and allows us to install our wireless sensors directly into the refrigeration units. Our real-time monitoring enables the business to run smoothly without having to take staff away from daily duties to track temperatures manually. With our straightforward mobile and web application, Carnicerias Jimenez will have access to the sensor data anywhere and at any time. The solution once installed, sends a text message and email alerts if any issue were to be detected. This way, the staff will be able to act quickly to prevent a loss. They also receive custom reports which empower Carniceria Jimenez to identify trends and issues and stay in compliance promptly. Our mobile application offers the Corrective Action feature, which allows staff members to document the necessary actions needed to resolve any temperature matter.

Our complete solution was the perfect system for Carnicerias Jimenez. They are now able to monitor their many refrigeration units at their multiple storefronts remotely. After hour outages are no longer an issue, and inventory is protected all day long.

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